Time and Attendance System

 Welcome to SAMCO Time

SAMCO offers a complete line of time and attendance systems, all designed to drastically reduce both errors and manual effort, along with favoritism and time theft. Decrease payroll preparation time for even the most complex payroll policies and union rules. Have fully reliable, proper documentation of employee time and attendance. 

Your system is customized to your company's needs and according to your rules. And since SAMCO features flexible, modular designs, our systems will grow with your company.

With a variety of data collection devices, your company is assured of the most accurate information. Our featured hand reader gives you the most reliable data, with irrefutable identification, quick pass through... and elimination of the "buddy punch". 

  The SAMCO Difference

SAMCO’s philosophy is to listen, ask questions and explain options so as to better understand clients’ needs and future growth requirements.  Our recommendations are based on informed client decisions as well as our industry expertise and knowledge of various proven products and systems.   

We understand that clients have a choice and we are committed to providing uncompromising quality service to you, our customer.